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Unfortunately, ex’s can be notoriously spiteful and vindictive.  They can be in a relationship and/or living with someone, and allowing their “significant other” around your kids every day… but, if you start dating and/or allowing some other man or woman around the kid...

Control those who Control YOU!

   The Wild Wild West was won by a few folks clever enough to establish "Law & Order" in the unsettled wilds west of the Mississippi by bringing along:

  • A thoroughly-read Bible,

  • A Colt revolver and Winchester rifle,

  • A good...

Do you know how to win before trial?

Lawyers drag out cases so they can bill for more time.

Many refuse to do things "the right way" so they can avoid trial, because they make more money if they can take their clients' cases all-the-way to the bitter, knock-down, dr...

You need to respond immediately!You have only 20 days to respond to their “Establishment Petition,” or everything that they requested in that petition will be granted and become an order. Bear in mind, the Department of Health and Welfare has no jurisdiction regarding...

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Has your custody arrangement changed, or need to change, and you want to modify custody or support? can help!

June 13, 2016

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