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Do you know how to win before trial?

Lawyers drag out cases so they can bill for more time.

Many refuse to do things "the right way" so they can avoid trial, because they make more money if they can take their clients' cases all-the-way to the bitter, knock-down, dr...

... Especially Your Own!

     Do you know what it takes to win a lawsuit?

If not, you probably plan on hiring a lawyer to go to court for you.

But, then, you probably don't have a clue what your lawyer should be doing.

     You probably d...

Beware of Legal Mythology!

Many today are angry at our justice system.

Many have good cause to be angry!

Some, however, are too angry!

Their anger will hurt you!

They are blinded by their anger!

You'll recognize them by the anger. They are not your friend! Their "l...

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Has your custody arrangement changed, or need to change, and you want to modify custody or support? can help!

June 13, 2016

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