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We provide all legal forms and services necessary to file for, or respond to, a divorce, child custody or child support case, 

as well as certain other legal matters (ask)

Legal Forms & Services Clients

Legal Forms & Services Clients

Everyone Needs Legal Forms and Services

Who is was founded in 1990, by Leo Wees, in conjunction with his bricks & mortar business known as Self-Help Legal Alternatives.  Over the past 30+ years, Leo has helped many thousands of Idaho residents to successfully obtain a divorce or custody order, and provided a myriad of other legal documents.  Now, through this website, you can obtain these services online, and at minimal cost.

Business Reputation and its sister company Self-Help Legal Alternatives which was founded in 1990, discontinued all outside advertising beginning in 2010, and continues to thrive.  Other than this webite, our current business model is based solely upon repeat customers, and upon referrals from satisfied former customers, court clerks, public service agencies, the Department of Health and Welfare, the Idaho 211 careline, and overall community good will.

We are Not a Law Firm!

    We are a Document Preparation Service only, and we do not offer any legal advice.  We can and do provide legal information and common procedural instructions for many legal processes, to be used in the District Court's of the State of Idaho only.  You are welcome to have any documents that you purchase through this website reviewed by an attorney of your choosing if you would like (at your own expense), and if he/she  discovers an error, we will be happy to correct it at no additional cost to you.  We can also make changes to the terms you originally requested if you change your mind after you receive your documents from us, or you and the other party come to agreement after you receive your documents, for a small additional fee.

Legal Information
Legal Information

If, after you file with the court using our prepared forms, your case becomes contested, and you can't afford a lawyer, or aren't sure you will know what to do before and/or in court, click the image below.  You will be linked to a fantastic resource that can provide you with the knowledge and confidence to successfully represent yourself, without an expensive attorney, and greatly improve your chances of winning your case.

Additional Resource

Contact Us Online

Send us a quick message, indicating the nature of your legal matter or questions.  We can't give actual legal advice, but we can give you legal information (which is not the same as legal advice), and we can provide court-ready legal documents.  As soon as we receive your contact information, we will send you a Questionnaire, tailored to your specific legal matter, to elicit information necessary to prepare documents for you.

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