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Hi There.  My name is Leo.  I started helping other Idaho residents back in 1990, by preparing legal documents to allow them to them to represent themselves, primarily in divorce, custody and child support cases.  Since I am not an attorney, just a simple paralegal with tons of knowledge and experience, I am prohibited from dispensing "legal advice."   That said, I am allowed to provide "legal information" and the instructions for the required procedural steps.  As you might imagine, having helped in many thousands of cases, I have pretty much seen and heard it all. 


As you have likely already learned before coming upon my website, lawyers are not only very expensive, they will not give out much, if any, information over the phone, and will charge hundreds of dollars for an in-person visit to discuss your case, before agreeing to take your case and demanding a $3,000 to $5,000 retainer. 

Free Phone Consultation

Unlike attorneys, I am happy to discuss your existing or proposed case, answer your general questions, and explain if, and how, I may be able to help you, at no charge.  It costs nothing to ask, and I assure you that I will provide you more information that you will get for free anywhere else.  And, if you decide that you would like my help, I always quote and charge a single flat fee for all required documents, typically $250 to $500.


To start, if you will just fill out the contact information form below, I will send you an email, with a factsheet and a questionnaire relating to your particular issue.

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Location: online service to 
residents in all 44 Idaho counties.

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