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Case Information

Look Up Existing Case or Party Information

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    You can easily look up current case information about your existing case, or about any other case or party, by searching the i-court Data Repository.  This website can be used to get existing case numbers; look up what other kinds of documents have been filed in any case; look up the date(s) of upcoming hearings; find the name of the Judge assigned to your existing case; find prior cases involving the other party, discover any criminal cases, such as DUI or Domestic Violence , etc., which might be relevant to your current matter.

Look Up Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure

    You can also look up the court's procedural rules which, in Family Law cases are governed by the Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure ('IRFLP"), and in other civil cases are governed by the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure ("IRCP").  These rules describe every aspect of how and when a case proceeds through the court, including General Administive Rules; Rules about Pleadings; Rules governing Defaults; Discovery and Disclosure Rules; Motion Practice, Pre-Trial and Trial Procedures; and Judgments.  For other types of Rules see Idaho Court Rules.

look up Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure
Court Rules
Legal Seal of the State of Idaho

Look Up Idaho Code Sections

    You can also easily look up any particular section of Idaho Code.  Scattered throughout this website, you will notice certain words are written in italics and are bolded and/or underlined, and this typically means that that word or phrase is a "link" which will open a new window in your browser, and will take you directly to the particular section of Idaho Code that is being referred to, or to some other relevant resource.   Idaho Code is a compilation of  the current laws (both civil and criminal) of the State of Idaho, as drafted by the Idaho Legislature, approved by the Governor, and passed into law. 

Idaho Code

 Where is the correct Courthouse located ?

    All documents must be filed in the "appropriate" county courthouse.  If you are filing documents in an existing case, they must be filed in the county where the case is currently situated.  If you are filing a "new" case, there are rules to follow, and there is a priority regarding which county is the correct one for filing.  Location of the proceeding is referred to as "Venue" and is governed by Section 5-404 of Idaho Code.  Generally, if the other party resides in a different county than you, the case should most likely be filed in the county where the other party (the Respondent) resides.  However, if the other party resides in another state, or if the parties are in agreement, you may file in the county where you reside.  Be aware, that if you file in the wrong county, the other party may file a Motion underRule 105 of the Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure (IRFLP"), to move the case, and will likely ask the court to order you to pay their attorney fees for filing in the wrong venue. 

Judicial Map of Idaho
Courthouse Locator

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