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Protect Yourself From Lawyers

... Especially Your Own!

Child Custody
Child Custody

Do you know what it takes to win a lawsuit?

If not, you probably plan on hiring a lawyer to go to court for you.

But, then, you probably don't have a clue what your lawyer should be doing.

You probably don't know you can save thousands in lawyer fees by doing some of the work yourself and cut down on the lawyer's billable hours!

People who hire lawyers without knowing "what must be done to win" often end up bankrupt. The lawyers they hire bail out before trial. The innocent lose ... and never know why!

Of course, If you can't afford a lawyer, you must to fight in the dark with both hands tied behind your back!

There IS another way!

If you must hire a lawyer:

  • Know what the lawyer should do.

  • Don't pay for incompetence or laziness.

  • Don't let your lawyer cheat you!

  • Know how to demand effective legal service!

If you can't afford a lawyer:

  • Force the court to protect your rights.

  • Draft proper pleadings.

  • Get evidence in the record.

  • Make effective courtroom objections.

  • Move the court to get what you want!

Click on Jurisdictionary link above to Learn How to Win

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